White Rose of Black Town Lake


Deb E. Dee


Oh, the ones here remembered; oh do they still cry?
       Do they see us as ghosts; is the chasm so wide?
       No, the veil between worlds is as thin as a sigh,
       And for all that we know, they are here bynour side;
       Not lost, not homeless-just dead to lies.
       In delicate visions your masks are on fire.

       Well, I have good friends, but they're all stresssed out.
       Though their home is crowded, theyve offered their couch.
       I don't think I can add to their problems right now-
       I'll go down to the water that divides this town.
       Not lost, not homeless but now I find
       That not having shelter has become a crime.

        So come down to the water if you would partake
        Of the lovely white rose of the black town lake
        When the wind stirs the moon on the water it breaks into
        Shiny white petals that fall into space.
        Not lost, not homeless; this world is mine,
        But I can't take credit for how the light shines


Copyright 1997 Deb E. Dee All Rights Reserved.


Deb E. Dee


P.O. box 542, Blanco, TX 78606


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